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Terror in Mumbai

While watching the series of attacks in Mumbai last night, I could do nothing but hope that things would be not as bad. By morning, the news showed 80 Dead and several hundreds injured. By afternoon, it was a hostage … Continue reading

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Slap Drama

For the better half of the last weekend, i was forced to listen to how Harbhajan slapped Sreesanth and how Sreesanth cried on the field. In fact for anyone who did a mistake of flipping through a news channel felt … Continue reading

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When in rooms do as roman does

For those who thought Delhi Police was only about regulating crime in the capital, eating for free at restaurants and taking bribes, this article will widen your horizon. In an attempt to “help us serve you better”, Delhi Police has … Continue reading

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Google Maps Street View and Privacy

Not many people are happy with Google Maps Street View’s street level cameras that show pictures of people at various locations. The pictures were clearly taken without the consent of the subject, and hence have raised eyebrows in many of … Continue reading

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Let Commonsense Prevail!

After almost a week long jing bang in Rajasthan Gujjars finally thought it was enough. The community called off their protest after meeting with the chief minister. In today’s age when every multinational company is trying to set up a … Continue reading

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Sohrabbudin's Murder?

Ramesh Ramanathan writes a short but very crisp piece on the much hyped discussion surrounding Gujrat Fake encounter case. I get the same feeling as I read about Sohrabuddin’s fake encounter in Gujarat, of suddenly opening a trap-door and tripping … Continue reading

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News around Apple

The works of Mr Dino A. Dai Zovi has created much of a swirl around mac community, especially in the security arena. He found a vulnerability and won $10K, and more than that won fame and glory. Even Mr Gruber … Continue reading

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Lanka in Finals

With Fleming’s New Zealand team going down by 81 runs, Sri Lanka cruised into the World Cup finals. Muthiah Muralitharan, as usual, was Sri Lanka’s wrecker-in-chief, claiming four wickets for 31 runs. And now if only Australia can overcome South … Continue reading

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Air India + Indian = Air Indian?

Overheard on no chanceby Full2njoy on Mar 29, 2007 08:56 AMTill the 50 year old airhostess aunties with their faces looking like a cake (due to the makeup) are sacked and some youngsters are recruited and good service is … Continue reading

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Indian Cricket Team

If only they accept that commercial contracts just get you fame, and not game, they wouldn’t have gone down the way they did. I usually don’t watch cricket, nor am I interested in it, but the way India played yesterday … Continue reading

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